• Our team…

    At Bowness bottle depot we are a small group working with the general public providing great customer service. We have been in business since 1991 and work with Restaurants, Schools, Bars and the general public.

  • Precise and Organized

    Our motto is to clean as we move… Safety and cleanliness in our workplace is a priority, we believe keeping our employees safe and constantly cleaning as we move allows us to move like a well-oiled machine.

    2 Billion

    Fun fact… Each year Alberta bottle Depots collect over 2 billion beverage containers.

Calgary’s Bottle Depot

Bowness Bottle Depot | Since 1991.

We are an efficient fast paste working team, providing customers with a quick, precise and friendly experience.
Please contact us if you require a large pickup or visit us 7 days a week
Monday – Sunday for all your bottle recycling needs.

Need a large pickup?

If you have a large pickup no problem, where ever you are in the city we offer free pickup services. Please contact us!

We are 1 of 217 Bottle Depots In Alberta!

We are Calgary’s Bowness bottle depot, conveniently
located at 16 Ave NW.

Our friend and marketing partner…

Meet our friend and marketing partner… who is in charge of all of our creative and marketing needs. Here is a short vlog of SEK visiting us for a quick meeting and photoshoot.

  • To ask more from our city, we ask more of ourselves.

    We work with Calgary’s businesses, foundations and the general public. Our team is ready to help you with your returns and any questions you may have. Bowness Bottle Depot


50 Million+


29 Years+


A Quick Friendly Experience Is What We Provide.

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